Brief Outlook of Islamabad

Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan. Which is know to be the most diverse, and multilingual in Pakistan. Most significant when it comes to different communities living together in the country. With properties prices rising and high demand, Islamabad real estate business is the most significant property business sector of Pakistan. It always have been known as most developed city and cleanest city in Pakistan. Green landscapes and the exuberant environment, touch of hills, large developed buildings, planned infrastructure and an aura of government jobs  make Islamabad one of the most attractive and investment friendly cities in the world.
Islamabad offers a large number  of breathtaking tourist attractions like Faisal Mosque, Parliament House, Daman-e-Koh, Peer Sohawa, Rawal Lake Promenade, Jinnah-Faisal Avenue Interchange, Zero Point Interchange, Islamabad Stock Exchange Towers and Telecom Tower.

Best Housing Schemes in Islamabad Best Housing schemes in Islamabad offer secure and high standard of living for all. This charisma of islamabad appeals higher number of working class in islamabad. Since islamabad was founded in 1960’s, Islamabad properties prices  have always been on the higher side. Fulfilling the demand of property in Islamabad, The Capital Territory was subdivided into five residential zones.

Zone 1 Islamabad

  • Comprises of Sector G-14,
  • Federal Government Employees Housing Foundation.


Zone 2 Islamabad

Zone 2 has the most population is islamabad. Some other in demand residential societies are

  1. F-15 (Jammu and Kashmir Cooperative Housing Society),
  2. G-15 (Jammu and Kashmir Cooperative Housing Society),
  3. D-16 (Engineers Housing Society)
  4. E-16 (Cabinet Division Housing Society & Roshan Pakistan Housing Society).
  5. F-16 (Jammu and Kashmir Cooperative Housing Society),
  6. G-16 (Ministry of Interior Employees Co-operative Housing Society),
  7. B-17 (Multi Professional Cooperative Housing Society),
  8. C-17 (New Islamabad Garden),
  9. D-17 (Margalla View Housing Society),
  10. E-17 (Cabinet Division Housing Society)
  11. F-17 (Multi Professional Cooperative Housing Society).

Zone 3 Islamabad

Zone-III of islamabad is a beautiful and most green part of islamabad. Its is situated in the neighborhood of Margalla Hills and a few commercial developments at foothill of Margalla Hills.

Zone 4 Islamabad

Zone-IV consists of

  1. Park Enclave Housing Society,
  2. PHA Kuri Road Housing Projects,
  3. Bahria Enclave,
  4. Gulberg and Lake View Lanes.

Zone 5 Islamabad

Zone-V consists of

  1. Canyon Views, DHA Islamabad,
  2. DHA Valley Islamabad,
  3. Al-Hamra,
  4. Anchorage and River Gardens.

Capital Development Authority

Capital Development Authority also know as CDA is expanding several areas located at the outskirts of the city. The extension of Islamabad include “model villages” and the list includes Humak Town, Rawal Town, Margalla Town, Shahzad Town and Farash Town.

To get the most out of living in Islamabad, One must experience and complement the lifestyle which is close to heart, the well planed city of Islamabad offers,

  1. Huge shopping malls,
  2. entertainment options,
  3. picnic spots,
  4. leisure clubs,
  5. schools, colleges,
  6. universities,
  7. dining choices,
  8. spas,
  9. salons,
  10. bistros,
  11. cafes,
  12. cinemas,
  13. parks and mosques in close proximity to all magnificent housing societies of Islamabad. Anyone can rent or buy properties in Islamabad like villas, apartments, plots and homes in Islamabad. Islamabad offers a life style which is tailor made for all types of budgets and living experience.

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