Gulberg Green Islamabad an Investors Paradise

What is Gulberg Green Islamabad

Gulberg Green Islamabad is a highly planed town situated in the prime location of Islamabad.The Approach entrance includes Rawalpindi Highway.


Gulberg Islamabad

What is Gulberg Green Islamabad? A housing society offering residential and commercial plots, Houses for sale and purchase in Islamabad. Gulberg Islamabad is a project of Intelligence Bureau Employee’s Cooperative Housing Society started in 2005.

Since the project was launched Gulberg Green Islamabad had became a sign of elegance and quality workmanship in Islamabad. This mega project offers a lot of investment potential for long and short term  investments in Islamabad, which are bound to grow due to its Quality of construction,Echo friendly policy and Main entrance from  5 lane highway in Islamabad.


The only housing scheme in Islamabad offering 33% of green land and farm houses.

What are the Investment and Payment Plans?

In Gulberg Islamabad  Residential and Commercial Plots are now available on cash and payment plan. The new process of  I.B. Cooperative Housing Society, Gulberg Residencia intends to sale the best designed plots and farm houses in Islamabad. The emphasis is to deliver Importance of high end constructions in less budget with Inexpensive material in Islamabad.

Features of Gulberg Islamabad

  • 40 ft – 120 ft wide roads
  • Commercial Areas
  • Ideal Location
  • Easy Payment Plan
  • Residential plots and Farm Houses
  • Possession ready


New Installment Plan in Gulberg Green Islamabad
New Installment Plan in Gulberg Green Islamabad

Why Invest is Gulberg Green Islamabad Farm Houses?

Gulberg Greens Residencia & Farm Houses, are a part of Gulberg Islamabad, a Luxury Agro Farms Housing project launched by Intelligence Bureau Employees Cooperative Housing Scheme (IBECHS) in 2005. Zone-IV, of the project covers 3862 kanals of land with approximately 409 residential plots and farm houses ranging from 2 kanal to 10 kanal.

Size of Farm Houses available

  • 2 Kanal Farmhouse
  • 4 Kanal
  • 6 Kanal
  • 8 Kanal
  • 10 Kanal
  • 12 Kanal

2 kanal, 4 kanal,6 Kanal and 10 Kanal  farm house in Gulberg green Islamabad are very popular among the  overseas Pakistani’s from UK,USA,Canada and UAE.

A large chunk of farmhouses for slae in Gulberg green are bought by middle class Pakistani’s abroad.Thus the infrastructure and facilities provided in the farmhouses offers the luxury and style in Pakistan which is no less to Dubai,London or Florida.


Development in Gulberg Green Islamabad
Development in Gulberg Green Islamabad

How long for the development to complete in Gulberg?

The actual development on Gulberg Islamabad project started in 2009.Intelligence Bureau Cooperative Housing Scheme (IBECHS) is a management committee members to serve IB employees only. Gulberg Residencia consisting up to 1000 yards residential plots. Do you have a plot for sale in Gulberg Green Islamabad?


How is Gulberg the prime Investment of future?

Gulberg Green Islamabad
Gulberg Green Islamabad


The right investment and place to buy, sell or rent property you have been dreaming of in 2018-2019 is Gulberg Residencia Islamabad.

Gulberg Green Residencia is a rising new society in Pakistan. Developing rapidly, enjoying a beautiful landscape and approach in Rawalpindi and Islamabad . Gulberg is a project of Intelligence Bureau Employee’s Cooperative Housing Society, which is CDA approved.

Intelligence Bureau Employees Cooperative Housing Scheme (IBECHS) is to body a meeting of the society members and management committee on how to speed up process to Buy/Sell Property in Gulberg in 2018-2019.

Details of agreements of land purchases of future and new development in phase 2 of Gulberg Greens Islamabad will be announced soon.  The management is busy to  transfer land, plots and acquired  new land through a fair and transparent process are under a careful watch.

Development in full swing and plots prices are said to jump in near future, so look out.



5  Reasons to Invest in Gulberg Green Islamabad Today ?

Before you need to jump through several hoops when buying a plot or home in Gulberg Green Islamabad. The process demands an exclusive bird eye view in the property market of Islamabad (Capital of Pakistan).

Moreover if you want to buy or sell in Islamabad, full knowledge of the project is important to exchange contracts promptly, the process can drag on if not studied properly.

So, together with, the property buying and selling website for estate agents in Gulberg Green Islamabad, we’ve pulled together eight top tips for a smooth property buying and selling experience.


  1. Understand the Project

First of all, get to know the market in Gulberg Islamabad. Transfer fee? Plots Installment/ Plans? Development work? And many other factors joined to the biggest property development project in Islamabad.

There’s a fair share of property industry terminology involved when it comes to buying a plot or home in Gulberg housing society. So make sure you understand the key terms before you kick start your property search. Gulberg Property search will help you out.

  1. Consider selling before buying

Gulberg Green offers best development and living experience in Islamabad – bear in mind the cost and projected price increase in the interim future which is imminent.

So the profit margin and plot price increase is more than possible at a rate with no competition around Islamabad in 2018-2019.

If you’re eyeing a new-build home, then a Gulberg Green Islamabad housing scheme may be the answer. It allows you to effectively trade in your existing home as part-payment for a new one purchased from a developer or house builder.

  1. Get organised

Get your ducks in a row. Speak to a property dealers in Islamabad to confirm your budget and get an idea of plot prices in Islamabad. Then work out what you can and can’t afford before you arrange any property viewings in various sectors of Gulberg Green Blocks Islamabad.

  1. Ask the Question?

Found your dream home? Make sure one of the conditions of your offer is that the property is taken off the market. It will help prevent another buyer from making an offer the seller can’t refuse.

  1. Gulberg Residencia Map

Work with people you trust. You will rely on a raft of different firms who know the map of Gulberg Green properly, upon a thorough and proper study of Gulberg map, you will have a clear idea of the locations of blocks with plots sizes and return of investment. Click here for Gulberg Green Map

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  1. Gulberg Residencia

Be ready to review, fill out, sign and return all documents quickly and efficiently. Your agent will no doubt send through a lot of information about your property, including location, prices  and features. There’s no need to rush things. But sitting on the paperwork will only hold up the process.

  1. Communication is king

Stay in regular contact with society and the estate agent to ensure that you are up to speed with the purchase and sale that it’s on track. It’s a good idea to agree a weekly update between all parties to cut the chances of miscommunication. Gulberg plot transfers are open on Mondays,Tuesday and Wednesdays.The plot or property transfer are very instant and secure  in the society office in Blue area Islamabad.

  1. Be realistic

Finally, set a realistic target for buying and selling property in Gulberg Green Islamabad.So that everyone in the process has the same deadline to work towards.At the moment the prices are rising on weekly basic and will soar up to 100% before the possession is allotted formally in new sectors. You can always amend the timescale between exchange and completion if you and/or the seller need to delay moving.

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